A New Era for Singaporeans

This is a time all Singaporeans were awaiting for a very very long time.

At last, it’s here. Our Great Minister Mentor, have you heard of that term before BTW? Guess not, but here in Singapore there was this term created specially for the Eldest Statesman, even some from his Political Party calling him the Father of the Nation, LOL. No one hand can clap and that’s the truth.

So, he is finally stepping down after bringing in some novices under his Coattails into the Parliament by claiming a walkover. To tell you the truth, I am still puzzled as to who elected them in the 1st place.

Our so-called 2nd Prime Minister, better known as a seat warmer was even a bad show. He also brought in more newbies into the Parliament and is now stepping down.

But, truth be told they are not actually stepping down, cause they are still clinging on to their MP post, so that means they are still active.

So, I actually don’t understand what they mean by stepping down while they are still holding on to their Member of Parliament posts.