Liverpool Need Steven Gerrard’s Experience

When Steven Gerrard returned after a lengthy layoff due to surgery on a troublesome groin injury, the relief was almost palpable. With Andy Carroll struggling for consistency and the team lacking a real leadership presence on the pitch the option of bringing on Liverpool’s No. 8 was a really boon to Kenny Dalglish.

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This takes on an even greater significance considering the position Liverpool are in at the moment, sitting five points away from Champions League soccer. Goals have been in short supply at Anfield and around the country, but Kenny Dalglish have the team performing well and you feel it’s only a matter of time before they lay out an absolute beating.

Gerrard is one of those players that, especially to Liverpool, represents more than just a dynamic offensive talent on the pitch. For the last decade he has carried the weight of the club on his shoulders, and his return will treble the team’s determination to win at all costs.

Our returning captain may not necessarily score the goals we’ve been missing, but simply by being on the pitch or on the bench his presence will lift everyone else.