Facebook friend request rejection just as painful in real life

It is rather sad that the day has arrived where we quantify our lives through the number of friends whom we have on our social network. Psychologists claim that to have a Facebook friend request turned down offers a similar emotional smarting as that of being rejected in real life, resulting in those rejected to feel ‘withdrawn’ and ‘numb’, at least according to a study of 77 college students in chat scenarios. I say, why not expand that study to include a wider spectrum of test subjects instead of students who were brought up in a digital world, and have not discovered the joys of actual, face to face conversation? It is amazing that many of us project the Internet as a real world now, preferring to text our friend who is sitting across the table instead of actually having a real conversation. Have you been rejected on Facebook before, and how did you deal with the situation? Hopefully there will not be any recurrence of the double murder case after a “defriending”.