Use Tunlr To Enjoy Streaming Services Anywhere In the World

While American internet users can quite happily watch Hulu, the fact that I live in the UK means I can’t. Likewise, BBC iPlayer is free for UK citizens; but if your physical location says America then you’re out of luck buddy. It’s a frustrating state of affairs, and we won’t stand for it! Neither will a new free service that aims to remove region restrictions the world over by way of some magic DNS trickery.

We are the internet generation, and we hereby refuse to accept political boundaries. There are no borders for us; Justin made that quite clear when he showed us just how this amazing internet brings people from all over the world together to produce MakeUseOf. The idea that any country could censor the internet outrages us; yet we routinely accept that licensing constraints mean streaming services are region locked. The legal reasons for this may all be well and valid, but there are no real, physical boundaries on the internet and the location based rules shouldn’t apply.

I’ve shown you how to get around these location blocks before using a premium VPN service (such IPVanish, which you can grab for free on the fantastic MakeUseOf Rewards system, right now – if there’s any left that is, so be quick!). But VPNs cost money, and can be slow. Tunlr is hoping to solve that using a slightly different method