In Honour to a Great Man….who made the ‘Giant Leap.’

Science & Space

I once watched Neil Armstrong sign his name, and it appeared to be one of the hardest things he’d ever done. Not because he was infirm — though in 2010 he was clearly looking frail — and not because his signature wasn’t still the strong and spiky cursive that was always as much calligraphy as it was mere handwriting. It was because for more than 41 years, writing his name was all people seemed to want him to do. For a uniquely private man, the offering up of the autograph had become an act of surrender, of obeisance, even of commerce — as the signature he handed over in a restaurant on a Monday would wind up for sale at an autograph show on a Tuesday. So he just stopped doing it — until one day he had to.

That day was in March 2010, when he, Gene Cernan and…

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