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    “Mr Wong had acted very much on his own”: Law Society | 

    “Mr Wong had acted very much on his own”: Law Society |

    The Law Society of Singapore has issued a statement with regards to recent events involving the Law Society and lawyer, M Ravi. Here is the statement in full.

    “The Law Society of Singapore (LSS) issues this statement with regard to the reports concerning one of our members, Mr M. Ravi.

    Before LSS comments on the recent events, it is useful to know the background. About 4 years ago, LSS was informed of M. Ravi’s medical condition. Council of LSS considered the matter. On one hand, Council was concerned that any lawyer approved by LSS to practise law should have the capacity to do so. This is a duty owed by LSS to the public. On the other hand, LSS also had the duty to assist its members as best as possible.

    Accordingly, Council obtained Mr Ravi’s permission to speak with his physician, Dr Calvin Fones. Mr Ravi was also present at this meeting. Dr Fones advised that Mr Ravi was fit to practise, but he had to take his medication regularly, and it would be best if this could be properly supervised.

    Acting on this advice, LSS decided to approve Mr Ravi’s application for a Practising Certificate (“PC”) for the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 as follows:

    (a) For 2009, the condition was that Mr Ravi would practise under the supervision of Ms Violet Netto. This was agreed to by Mr Ravi, as Ms Netto was his choice.

    (b) For 2010, the condition was relaxed to allow him to practise in partnership with Ms Netto. For both 2009 and 2010, Mr Ravi was required to furnish reports from Dr Fones every three months.

    (c) For 2011, the condition that he be supervised by Ms Netto was re-imposed. The condition that he furnished a medical report was now at 2-monthly intervals. There was an additional condition that he had to take his medication.

    (d) For 2012, the condition that he be supervised was removed, and he was allowed to practise in partnership with Ms Netto. In respect of the furnishing of medical reports, this was relaxed to 4-monthly reporting.

    LSS took the view that these conditions were a fair balance regarding the interests of the public and the interests of Mr Ravi as a practising lawyer.

    It will be noted from the foregoing that LSS relied very much upon Mr Ravi’s own physician regarding his state of health. The conditions were discussed with Mr Ravi, and he accepted them.

    As to the events of Monday, 16 July 2012, LSS has ascertained the following:-

    (a) Mr Wong Siew Hong, who was the lawyer assigned by LSS to liaise with Mr Ravi and Dr Fones, received information from Dr Fones on Sunday regarding Mr Ravi’s condition. He decided to go to Court on his own volition with Dr Fones’ information.

    (b) LSS is satisfied that although Mr Wong had acted very much on his own, he did so with the best of intentions.

    (c) A member of the LSS secretariat decided to go down to the Court to observe the proceedings. This was at his own initiative. This staff member has no right of audience before the Courts and there is no basis to suggest that he was there to make an application to prevent Mr Ravi from arguing his case.

    (d) Members of Council of LSS were aware of the situation only in the afternoon when they were informed by LSS secretariat that there were enquiries from the press. Council was not in possession of the full facts. As a result, the statement issued in the evening of 16th July 2012 contained the error that LSS had initiated the intervention in the court proceedings.

    (e) In the light of Dr Fones’ letter, the matter will be reviewed by the Practice Committee, which will then send its recommendations to Council. In making its decision, Council will continue to take into account the public interests and the interests of its members. In addition Council intends to speak to both Mr Ravi and Dr Fones.

    It is very easy to speculate and criticize LSS. LSS is confident that it has discharged its duties properly and in good faith. LSS asks that commentators check their facts, preferably with LSS, before making their comments.

    LSS believes that it is important that the public has confidence in LSS as an independent professional body which has always balanced the interests of the public and individual lawyers. Unsubstantiated criticism of LSS is unfair to its volunteers, and does the public a grave disservice. Any suggestion of a conspiracy involving the LSS is untrue and irresponsible.

    Wong Meng Meng, SC


    Law Society of Singapore”

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    Law Society made 3 attempts to stop lawyer M Ravi 

    By Andrew Loh | Richard Wan

    Before the controversy surrounding the Law Society’s attempts to stop lawyer M Ravi from carrying out his professional duties in the courts has died down, it has emerged that the society had tried 3 times in the space of 2 days to stop Mr Ravi from making representations for his clients in Court.

    As previously reported on and TR Emeritus, Law Society representative, Mr Wong Siew Hong, made the first attempt during Monday’s proceedings at the High Court. Mr Ravi was in Justice Philip Pillai’s courtroom putting forth his arguments in the case brought by Mdm Vellama Marie Muthu to have the Court declare the Prime Minister does not have unfettered discretion in calling by-elections.

    Mr Wong, who is the chairman of the sub-committee on member care of the Law Society, had approached both senior counsel Mr David Chong, representing the Attorney General, and Mr Ravi, outside the courtroom on Monday, before proceedings began. He had with him a copy of a letter from Dr Calvin Fones in which the doctor stated that he had diagnosed Mr Ravi as having a “relapse” of his bi-polar condition and that Mr Ravi was “unfit to practise” law.

    Dr Fones had sent the letter to the Law Society, apparently without Mr Ravi’s knowledge.

    Later, Mr Wong attempted to address the Court in open court, although before the proceedings Mr Louis Joseph – Mr Ravi’s co-counsel – had advised Mr Wong to address the judge in chambers instead regarding Dr Fones’ letter. In any case, Justice Pillai disallowed Mr Wong  making his case in open court and asked him to be seated and that he will hear Mr Wong and the two parties in chambers after the morning’s proceedings.

    In chambers, Justice Pillai reprimanded Mr Wong for his behaviour and that of the Law Society, calling their behaviour “unprecedented”. Justice Pillai asked what Mr Wong wanted him to do. Mr Wong replied that he was only there to inform the Court of Dr Fones’ letter.  The judge then asked Mr Wong if Mr Ravi had a valid practising certificate and Mr Wong replied, yes. Justice Pillai then decided that since that was the case, Mr Ravi was free to continue in Court.

    Later that same afternoon, Mr Wong again appeared before Justice Quentin Loh prior to the hearing into the case involving several party leaders of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) began.

    Mr Wong, despite having been admonished by Justice Pillai in the morning, requested to be heard. Justice Loh then ordered all parties into chambers.

    In chambers, Mr Wong informed the judge of the letter from Dr Fones. Mr Joseph, who was standing in for Mr Ravi, protested that Mr Ravi was not present to answer the claims by Mr Wong and the content of the letter from Dr Fones. The judge then said, “I’m glad this finished nicely.  I don’t like to take this matter to open court.”

    The Court then resumed proceedings into the hearing on the SDP case.

    On Tuesday morning, Mr Ravi and his associates were again at the High Court. They were there for a pre-trial conference on the case brought by Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam to have the Court issue an injunction to stop the Singapore Government from providing loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Mr Jeyaretnam is seeking to do this because he argues that the Government had not sought or received the approval of the elected president and Parliament to provide the loans to the IMF.

    The hearing, presided over by the senior assistant registrar, was at 9am and ended shortly after, at about 9.30am.

    Mr Wong appeared at around that time only to discover that the pre-trial conference had already ended. We understand that Mr Wong was there for the same reasons for which he was in Court on the earlier two occasions on Monday when he interrupted  proceedings to inform the Court of Dr Fones’ letter. When Mr Wong realised the hearing had ended, he left the court house.

    We understand that Mr Ravi is required to have his condition reviewed regularly in order to continue to practise law. This was imposed by the Law Society. Mr Wong’s sub-committee for member care is in charge of member lawyers who practise under such conditions. Mr Wong told the media that it was he who had “raised the matter to the Secretariat of the Law Society” when he was informed by Dr Fones of his diagnosis of Mr Ravi. It was the Secretariat “which agreed that the matter should be brought to the attention of the court”, Mr Wong is reported to have said.

    The conditions imposed by the Law Society on Mr Ravi, however, do not include Mr Ravi’s doctor providing his diagnosis to the Law Society directly without Mr Ravi’s consent. Mr Ravi is supposed to submit his medical report to the Law Society every four months.

    The conditions imposed on Mr Ravi by the Law Society expire in a few months, according to Mr Joseph. This, however, may be extended by the Law Society. Mr Ravi, however, can challenge this at the Court of Appeal, if an extension is sought by the Law Society.

    The 3 attempts by Mr Wong, who was representing the Law Society, to have Mr Ravi stopped from carrying out his legal duties in Court have given rise to questions of not only the motivation behind the attempts, but also why proper court procedures were not followed. Why indeed did Mr Wong find it appropriate to interrupt court proceedings in the way he did, even after already having been admonished for doing so by Justice Pillai on Monday morning?

    In addition, questions have now also been raised about the confidentiality of Dr Fones’ diagnosis, and how and why Dr Fones found it prudent to apparently betray this doctor-patient confidentiality, without first consulting Mr Ravi.

    Mr Ravi says he intends to file a complain about Dr Fones with the Singapore Medical Association.

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    The guy who invented the mouse must be loaded, right? Wrong. 

    When you think about all of the amazing inventions during the past 100 years, one of the things that changed the world was the computer mouse. By pointing and clicking, you can manipulate things on your screen and get things done that people never imagined would be possible.

    Seriously, think about the computer mouse for a second. What would we have ever done without it? It’s scary to think about it. The first mouse was made out of wood, and contained actual wheels. Check this baby out:

     The guy who invented the mouse must be loaded, right? Wrong.

    The guy who invented the mouse must be a bazillionaire, right? Wrong. Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1963, submitting the patent for it in 1967.

    However, Engelbart was way ahead of his time, and his patent expired before the personal computer came complete with a mouse, thus making it a necessity, even to this day.

    Watch Engelbart debut the mouse in what has been called “The Mother of All Demos”, taking place at Stanford Research Instutitue in Menlo Park, on December 9th, 1968:

    Thanks Dr. Engelbart, you’re a hero in my eyes. Money means next to nothing at the end of the day.

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    Use Tunlr To Enjoy Streaming Services Anywhere In the World 

    While American internet users can quite happily watch Hulu, the fact that I live in the UK means I can’t. Likewise, BBC iPlayer is free for UK citizens; but if your physical location says America then you’re out of luck buddy. It’s a frustrating state of affairs, and we won’t stand for it! Neither will a new free service that aims to remove region restrictions the world over by way of some magic DNS trickery.

    We are the internet generation, and we hereby refuse to accept political boundaries. There are no borders for us; Justin made that quite clear when he showed us just how this amazing internet brings people from all over the world together to produce MakeUseOf. The idea that any country could censor the internet outrages us; yet we routinely accept that licensing constraints mean streaming services are region locked. The legal reasons for this may all be well and valid, but there are no real, physical boundaries on the internet and the location based rules shouldn’t apply.

    I’ve shown you how to get around these location blocks before using a premium VPN service (such IPVanish, which you can grab for free on the fantastic MakeUseOf Rewards system, right now – if there’s any left that is, so be quick!). But VPNs cost money, and can be slow. Tunlr is hoping to solve that using a slightly different method

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    Using the new theme……..P2

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    Signs You Need More Sleep 

    .No longing for lunch

    Sleep deprivation can take a toll of your appetite. Once you mess up your body clock with irregular sleeping cycle, you tend to eat at random hours. Owing to all of this, your body is never hungry at the right time. You can either grain or lose a noticeable amount of weight because of this.

    Constantly irritated

    Is the noise from your co-worker’s keyboard enough for you to start hating him? A tiny thing that does not go your way just puts you off and ruins your day? Otherwise calm and quiet, you can become extremely restless and constantly worked up due to lack of sleep. And if not watched, you can put a lot of your good relationships in jeopardy. If these situations sound familiar to you, we suggest you meditate in the morning to stay calm and patient through the day.

    Short attention span

    Social media, smartphones, television and your superfast life has anyway affected your attention span. And sleeplessness simply adds up to this. There are chances that you keep forgetting your belongings like car keys, wallets or even try finding your glasses while they are actually right on your nose! Lack of sleep affects your concentration badly. So much so that you never forget to carry your notepad while in a meeting. This short term memory loss needs to be attended at an early stage before if starts to affect your functioning. Try feeding your brain with puzzles and number games. This will help clear your mental fatigue.

    Sleep on the wheel

    Drinking reduces your ability to concentrate and reduces your response rate, now you know why not to drink and drive! In exactly the same way, lack of sleep reduces the ability to respond spontaneously. After a hectic day at work with back to back meetings and over-exposure to the computer your eyes need adequate amount of sleep. So, if you find yourself holding on against falling asleep behind the wheel, it’s time you attend to you body’s dire need for sleep.

    Subconscious sickness

    Are you your doctor’s pet? Your immune system bails out on you if you don’t treat your body with a minimum seven hours of sleep? Because of this, you will always be prone to flu, headaches, nausea and body ache. So keep the intake of your power foods right and along with it get a good night of sleep.

    Be honest with yourself and accept the fact that it is your extra work that is making you burn the midnight oil. Finish your work during your office hours and go home with a peaceful mind. Adequate amount of sleep is a key ingredient to keep your mind healthy. Bid adieu to all those midweek parties, keeping yourself fresh for working days and see how much more you will enjoy your weekends.

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    Cannibalism: List of 15 Famous Cannibals and Their Most Brutal Kills and Meals 

    Cannibalism: List of 15 Famous Cannibals and Their Most Brutal Kills and Meals.

    Born Hamilton Howard Fish on May 19, 1870, the man who would later be known as “The Gray Man”, “The Werewolf”, “The Brooklyn Vampire and “The Boogey Man” grew up in an orphanage where he was introduced to drinking urine and eating feces. Not really a great start. 

    By 1890, he went to New York City and became a male prostitute, at which point he started raping young boys, mostly under the age of six. 

    A male lover once took him to a wax museum where he saw, and was then fascinated by, a bisection of a penis (which is when a penis is split directly in half), which led to his obsession with castration, which he tried on a few of his victims.

    He had “implements of Hell” (a butcher knife, a bone saw and a meat cleaver) which he would use to torture, mutilate and murder young children. He boasted to have a child he’s either abused or eaten in every state in the U.S., but was only ever actually suspected of and convicted for about 8 of them.

    The case that really made him famous (as it was what led to his final arrest) was the abduction and murder of Grace Budd (pictured above). He pretended to be taking her to his niece’s birthday party, to which her parents consented, but was never brought back. 

    Here is the letter he sent the parents (WARNING, VERY GRAPHIC) describing exactly how he coerced her into trusting him, the fact that they all had lunch together, consented to her leaving, and details about how he stripped her, killed her, ate her, which parts tasted the best and the fact that he did not rape her.

    He was executed via electric chair.

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    Diego Stocco Makes Music from Nature | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities 

    Diego Stocco Makes Music from Nature | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities.

    Meet Diego Stocco, the guy who can make music from anything, even raw nature. In celebration of Earth Day, he staged an innovative musical experiment in which he used all kinds of unusual but completely natural instruments.

    Who knew tree bark or orange peel could sound so groovy, if orchestrated by the right person? In his new performance, “Music from Nature”, Diego Stocco uses professional microphones and a customized stethoscope to best capture the sounds of nature as made by several uncommon musical instruments, including trees, leaves, almonds and bees. The result is too cool to describe, you just have to listen for yourself.

    music from nature 550x307 Talented Composer Makes Beautiful Music with Instruments Provided by Mother Nature

    Stocco began experimenting with the sounds of nature in 2009, when he was inspired to use and odd tree in the garden of his house as a musical instrument. Intrigued by the idea he scaled down the process and experimented with music from a bonsai tree. From there on he started making music from pretty much everything, including sand and a dry cleaner. You can check out all of Diego’s unique performances on Behance Network. In case you were wondering, he performs all his compositions only by playing the chosen instruments, without synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds.

    In the past, we’ve featured artists who used natural instruments like carved fruits and vegetables to perform their musical masterpieces, but Diego Stocco’s style is on a whole other level.

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    Floating Lodge puts you on the beautiful waters of the Cambodian jungle 

    Floating Lodge puts you on the beautiful waters of the Cambodian jungle.

    Some landscapes are so compelling and beautiful you want to be immersed in them, not simply gaze from a distance. The water of the Tatai River, which winds and meanders through the lush, isolated mountains and jungles of southwest Cambodia, is one such landscape. Adventurous travelers can satiate their desire to be immersed in this stunning environment in the most literal of ways – by sleeping atop the water at the 4 Rivers Eco Lodge.

    The 4 Rivers lodge brings upscale accommodations to the unlikeliest of settings. The Koh Kong region of Cambodia has long been isolated by its geography and lack of infrastructure, making it virtually inaccessible to outsiders. Even if you had found your way there, you’d have had to deal with rampant lawlessness and unrest. However, with the recent introduction of roads, lodging and an emphasis on ecotourism, the Koh Kong region has officially arrived on the travel scene.

    Four Rivers stretches outward in both directions along a bend in the river. Visitors sleep in one of 12 tents planted atop recycled wood floats. In the case of 4 Rivers, the term “tent” takes on a much different meaning than the hot, humid, mosquito-filled dome you may remember from family camping trips.

    Each tent is a fully gentrified, wood-supported structure with double beds, furniture, flat-screen television, fan, hot shower and mini-bar. There’s even Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch with the outside world – if you have any desire to do so in this secluded paradise. A deck on the river ensures that you don’t get too detached from the greater environment and allows you to watch for exotic creatures like tigers and elephants.

    If you can be dragged away from the serenity of your tent, 4 Rivers offers many activities that empower you to explore your surroundings. You can kayak the river just outside your door; explore the local mountains and jungles by foot, car or motorbike; fish for your dinner; and rejuvenate with a boat trip to Tatai Waterfall, “nature’s spa.” Another interesting offering is the “Time Travel” trip, which brings you to the nearby fishing village of Koh Sralao for a look at local culture.

    Four Rivers is a bit of a jaunt from nearly everywhere, but how else can you truly escape to such a wild, pristine place? It’s about a four-hour drive from Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh to the closest town of Tatai. From there, it’s a 10-minute boat ride to the lodge. Current listings for rooms put single occupancy stays at just under US$119 per night and double occupancy at $135 per night.

    If Cambodia seems a little too exotic and far off for your tastes, you should note that the development team behind 4 Rivers is considering a second floating lodge in the Caribbean.

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